"The Cape York Project"
A video report of a remarkable initiative in Aboriginal education on the Cape York peninsula in Queensland, Australia.
"The Genius of Zig Englemann"
A biological portrait of the creator of Direct Instruction.
"Helping Kids Soar: Children Reaching Their Full Potential with Direct Instruction"
This film portrays two schools–– Emerson Elementary in Alliance, Nebraska and Fickett Elementary in Atlanta, Georgia ––that have used DI successfully with all children, including high performing students.
"A Conversation with Zig Engelmann"
A tribute to the great educator and creator of Direct Instruction, Zig Engelmann.
"Closing the Performance Gap: the Gering Story"
The story of how one school district in Gering, Nebraska raised reading scores across the board.
"Focus on Math"
A 20 minute video reporting on an innovative Massachusetts based math program, "Focus on Math," developed by Educational Development Center Inc. in partnership with Boston University, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Worcester Polytechnic, Lesley University and the Arlington, Chelsea, Lawrence, Waltham and Watertown School Districts.
"Radical Interventions"
A 15 minute video reporting on the efforts of one California Middle School to enable its failing students to catch up before entering high school. The intervention model involves up to three periods of language arts and two periods of math each day.
"Reading Mastery 1 Training Tapes"
A series of 12 videos and DVDs to help train teachers to use Direct Instruction's Reading Mastery Program, a research-based curriculum that has proved highly effective in teaching at-risk inner city children to read. Using five master teachers as guides and authentic classroom performance to illustrate good techniques, this series enables novice teachers to become highly effective reading teachers.
"Thriving on Excellence"
A video dealing with the challenge of achieving excellence not just in isolated schools but across an entire district. By focusing on three school districts located in poor, at-risk areas, this video outlines the steps that ensure success.
"Coaching for Success"
A now discredited reading curriculum called "Whole Language" has left thousands of middle and high school students unable to read. This video helps train reading coaches to correct this urgent problem by helping middle school teachers teach reading.

PBS Special
"The Battle of City Springs"
A 90 minute special which follows the fortunes of City Springs, a failing inner-city elementary school in Baltimore.

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"Great Expectations"
A 20 minute video featuring a series of successful inner-city schools which have managed to achieve superior results despite poverty and disadvantage. The schools use a radical curriculum called Direct Instruction.
"Goethe: The Middle School That Could"
A 20 minute video documenting an educational initiative in a seriously troubled Sacramento middle school.

"Prisoners of Silence"

Exposé of Facilitated Communication, a technique which alleged many non verbal and mentally retarded autistic individuals could read and write and simply needed "facilitating".

AAAS/Westinghouse Science Journalism Award for Best Television Program

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