Palfreman Film Group 

Founded by Jon Palfreman, an Emmy and Peabody Award winning producer, the Palfreman Film Group has produced over 50 hours of programming for Public Television and numerous videos for public and private institutions, especially in the areas of science, health, technology and education.

Communicating complex information accurately and compellingly in a "sound-bite" world requires skill and experience. Whether it's health communication, technical training, environmental education or a video to inform a target audience about your company or institution, PFG is uniquely positioned to help.

Some of our clients include:

Educational Development Center Inc.
Center for Applied Research in Education
PBS/WGBH Educational Foundation
SRA/McGraw Hill
Oregon Public Broadcasting
State of California Department of Education
International Atomic Energy Agency
US State Department
New England Research Institutes
Foundation for the Future
Juniata Foundation
Boston Medical Center

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